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Proactive Garage Door Pointers

Learn from the experts – our professionals provide their tips to help you maintain and get the most from your garage door system. We strive to be jargon-free and clear, if there is anything unclear or something missing, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Unplugging your garage doors

If you are going on a vacation, remember to unplug your garage door's automatic opener system. Additionally, if you have the budget for it, buy garage doors that come with a lock console security switch. It's a great security feature if you are frequently away from home for long periods of time. This makes the automatic opener system shut down and your remote control is rendered unusable.

Make sure the door moves without struggling

If your garage door is struggling to open or close, there is a risk that something may be seriously wrong. If it is a spring-related, cable or opener sensor related issue these can become quite dangerous if not dealt with. It's not safe to take chances with such problems so get in touch.

Keep the garage door remote in a safe place

Losing the garage door openers remote control can mean more trouble and headache than you might think at first. There is even a risk that you might get locked out of your own garage. Keep the remote in a safe place so that only you can access it, and definitely somewhere high enough that children cannot reach.

Check for safety cables

If your garage door springs suddenly break, there is a risk of injury to anyone who happens to be in the vicinity at the time. This is why our qualified Beverly Hills technicians highly recommend that you check your system has safety cables. If the springs collapse or any part that holds the door breaks, the cable will immediately contain the door and prevent injuries and accidents from occurring.

Let the experts handle your springs

Springs in garage doors can look pretty harmless, but when something goes wrong they’re really not. With immense tension pent up within them, these components can do a lot of damage if not handled properly. If you notice significant wear in your springs, call one of our experts, don't attempt to handle it yourself.


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