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A garage door opener is a complex piece of equipment, and over the course of its working life it can easily develop all sorts of issues. With the help of our professional technicians you'll be able to prevent a lot of breakdowns and accidents, saving you time, money and inconvenience in the process.

Which Type Is Right For You?

There are three distinct types of garage door opener on the market today, and each one can be better suited for different people with different needs. Chain-drive openers are reliable and affordable, and are most commonly installed when owners aren’t worried about noisy operation. A belt-drive opener can be perfect for keeping noise at a minimal level, although it tends to be more expensive than other drive systems. Screw drive openers are ideal for homeowners that want to keep maintenance to a minimum, since they require very little attention, but they do operate noisily as well.

Selecting Special Features

Different manufacturers offer special features and upgrades for their opener models. Some units come with WiFi connectivity, allowing your system to integrate with smartphone and tablet technology, while others feature backup battery systems that can come in handy in case of power outages. Some manufacturers such as LiftMaster and Genie offer additional security in the form of rolling code technology, which prevents thieves from duplicating and then exploiting your remote control's access codes to gain access to your garage.

Keeping Your System Working

Regular servicing is the only way to ensure your garage door opener remains problem-free throughout its service life. During our regular service appointments, our technicians thoroughly check each part of the opener, from the motor gear and circuit board to the rail and the trolley, noting any areas of wear or corrosion. Any damaged parts will be repaired or, if necessary, replaced on the spot. As part of the service, our team will also tests your door’s safety systems, checking the alignment of the photo-electric sensors to ensure that if anything gets in its way the door won't close.

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